Giving Away What We Cannot Keep

A family of four vacationing in Italy were leaving Rome late one evening, and on a deserted road, a car came up behind them and yelled for them to pull over to the side of the road. The father and mother, fearful that their two small children would be kidnapped, decided to race ahead. MenContinue reading “Giving Away What We Cannot Keep”

There’s So Much More

There’s so much more. Heaven – imagine the best and there’s so much more. Relationships – imagine the love you dreamed about as a teenager and yearned for as an adult. Imagine unconditional love. There’s so much more. Imagine reaching the top rung of the corporate ladder, owning the most decked-out house, having the mostContinue reading “There’s So Much More”

Rough Around The Edges

Have you noticed that some groups of people are not interacting well with each other. Our differences are not only becoming more pronounced, there seems to be an increase in the number of  people who aren’t tolerating those differences with equanimity. You can almost choose any subject and quickly find or even just think ofContinue reading “Rough Around The Edges”

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