Every now and then I’m pulled by a title of one of the “America’s Got Talent” or Britain’s Got Talent” videos. Although I’m not a fan of the show, I love music and especially love when it is done so well. One evening, I watched more than I have in many months.

In one, a fourteen year-old girl sang from her pain – a child suffering from the effects of her parents’ divorce. Another sang from her heart and through the pain of the fear of rejection. . Still another sang from her loss – of a career put aside for more important matters. A man sang from his loss – a dear friend, a love, and I heard and sang in my heart for my love for Someone I cannot see, cannot feel His arms around me, cannot know for certain if I’m hearing His voice. Oh how I long for Him, to be with Him, to please Him. How I ache when I’m not the person He would like to see in me. I cried with the singers. I rejoiced in their success during the competitions. Yet I worried that they were headed in the wrong direction.

Am I? He says He loves me more than I can imagine. He says we’ll be together soon. He says that there’s nothing I can do to dampen His love for me.

What keeps us from the God who loves us so much? I wonder if it isn’t our pain. We’re pulled in many directions. That is far from pleasant. The world has changed. It almost seems like we’re walking in a mine field, waiting for the next explosion, the next unsolvable problem. Then there’s health issues, financial distress, marital difficulties, and struggles at work or a lack of it. Instead of running to God, we distance ourselves from Him. Instead of calling to Him for help, we complain or worse, give Him the silent treatment. And oh how He longs to help us, comfort us, lead us to a better path. He’s not angry. He says that there is no condemnation for those who are His. That’s you. That’s me.

Sing to Him. Sing your saddest song if you’re sad. Sing of your losses, your suffering. Sing of how you’ve been rejected. Sing of your confusion. Tell Him everything. He’ll help you. He has a good plan. He loves you.

Oh, how I love Him.

Do you love Jesus? Really, really love Him? Do you long for His love? Do you long for Him? When people see your love for Him, they will want a love like that. They will want to know Him. It’s a gift you can give them. And Him!

Merry Christmas!!!

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